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Current fandoms:家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!,AXIS POWER ヘタリア、パンドラハーツ、黒執事、D.GRAY-MAN。

Roles: Fangirl of Hibari Kyoya. Fanartist.

Myself: Personality-wise, I'm much like Hibari Kyoya from Katekyo Hitman REBORN!. Words like stoic, aloof, indifferent, and self-centered are usually the best to discribe me. My pet-peeves can be anything: it depends on the person and how I feel.

Friends: If you really what to be on my friends list for whatever reason you have, comment. I usually only friend back if a journal's interesting and not full of crap. If you only want to friend me because of my graphics, just watch my community.
OTP: Greece x Japan ( Heracles Karpusi x Honda Kiku ), TYL!1818 ( TYL!Hibari Kyoya x Hibari Kyoya ), KuroFai ( Kurogane x Fai D. Flowright ).

RING OF CLOUD → kumorigachii @ join

I am the ►Greece / Heracles Karpusi◄ of LJ.